Design & Passions



Graphic Designer


November, 2019


Pratt Institute

When I think about my private life and work experiences, I believe that they are closely linked. Since I was a kid I was attracted by everything that needed creative work. My idea was to become one day an inventor and for this reason I created, with the means I had, objects that could be useful for me to solve problems. To do this I used lego bricks, creating increasingly complex shapes and mechanisms.

Growing up my appreciation for mechanical and functional objects led me to find a new passion, that for watches. After the invention of the smartphone, for many people, the wristwatch has become a useless tool, but for me it is a fascinating machine with which I can easily empathize. In my opinion it is an object that at a perceptual level does not suffer any kind of obsolescence but instead, over the years, acquires a charm that makes it immortal, that of memory. The watch, besides being a masterpiece of engineering, is a pleasure for the eyes; the movement, the case, the hands, the dial and all the other parts work together, sometimes creating works of art.

Working in the field of communication as a graphic designer, I believe that this passion has somehow guided and educated me; when I work on a new project, I always try to create a functional and balanced composition that, above all, can be appreciated aesthetically. Like a watch, a graphic exercise must be precise, follow well-defined guidelines and communicate the message quickly and effectively, preserving the aesthetic value of the final composition. To express those values I thought of using the phrase "every part has a purpose" on the poster.